Welcome to historic!

The domain was originally purchased in 1994 by the ABC television network.

Having just landed a second season of Grace Under Fire, Brett Butler was taking the world by storm.

Online shopping was not yet ubiquitous. was also founded in 1994!

Despite the show's popularity, had a limited demographic as it only sold Grace Under Fire memorabilia. When the show was cancelled in 1998, ABC gave rights to to Miss Butler. Having little ambition for online marketing she neglected the site and it was left non-functional for several years.

In 2005 Brett Butler declared bankruptcy and the site was part of an auction. When nobody bid, it was put on eBay.

One fateful night I was watching infomercials and drunk-eBaying for a Shake Weight. I misclicked and accidentally purchased with 10 years left on the registration!

In 2012 Miss Butler sent me a string of aggressive emails demanding that I give the site back to her so that she could use it to sell her psychic services. I never succeeded in having an actual dialogue with her.

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